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Hello 2023 and and thank you to 2022

We cannot thank our incredible team, clients, freelancers and partners enough for such a huge year at Snack Drawer! With each year new opportunities, challenges and changes come - as we launch into 2023, we’d like to recap on the things we achieved as a team last year and celebrate how we have grown to become the agency we are today.

This year we walk away with a team of sixteen, our team has grown so much - starting with only three team members in 2020 we are grateful to have celebrated the year that was, and what’s to come.

It’s only because of this incredible team we were able to create amazing work, receiving excellent recognition for our work including:

3 AiMCO Awards (Best Boutique Agency/Business, Most Influential, Best TikTok Creator (Rainbow History Class)

Australian Directors’ Guild Award : Best Direction in a Mobile-First Online Series (TransAthletica)
6 AiMCO Finalists

Mumbrella Emerging Agency of the Year nominee

B&T Emergency Emerging Agency of the Year nominee

Victorian Health Awards, Building Back Better nominee

Without our clients, these amazing achievements wouldn’t be possible. We are proud to say we have worked with incredible people and business’ this year including: Netflix Australia & New Zealand, NBCU Universal, Dr. Martens, Swinburne, Wanderlust, Endometriosis Australia, Smiling Mind and the Eucalyptus brands (Normal, Kin Fertility, Pilot and Software).

Some particularly favourite moments include:

  • Being a part of the Heartbreak High launch for Netflix Australia and New Zealand, and seeing a local Australian production become a global sensation across socials.

  • Taking Normal’s TikTok from 0 to 130K followers through accessible, inclusive and informative sexual education content.

  • Generating over 68M organic TikTok views for E! ANZ with many viral hits.

  • Partnering with Dr. Martens globally for our original creator brand, twice this year for Pride and World AIDs day.

  • Partnering with over 200 influencers for Wanderlust.

The launch of TransAthletica was a significant milestone for our team, a 17-part TikTok documentary series tackling the unique challenges faced by transgender people in sport. TransAthletica is the first documentary produced specifically for TikTok and was an original Snack Drawer production.

TransAthletica was the first documentary of it’s kind, both through its production and the fact that it tackles these issues from a trans perspective. TransAthletica accumulated well over 2.6M million views and 229K likes organically and its impact also moved off-platform and into mainstream media. The Series launched across media outlets across the country including ABC, The Project, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald to name a few.

The documentary was the winner of the Australian Directors’ Guild Award : Best Direction in a Mobile-First Online Series (TransAthletica) and is a AiMCO Awards Influence for Good Campaign Finalist.

Our original creator brand Rainbow History Class propelled with growth teaching the LGBTIQA+ history to an audience of over 500K across TikTok and Instagram. The social media sensation won best Creator at this year’s AIMCO Australian Influencer Marketing Awards and collaborated with brands including AAP, TikTok, Dr. Martens, Google Arts and Culture, Menulog, and Oxfam in 2022.
And last but not least, we launched our Sydney office! Following the new hires on our Netflix ANZ social account, it was time we expanded across the East Coast. We are proud to expand our team and operations and continue to grow into 2023.


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