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Snack Drawer have earned our first laurels

Our Creator-in-Chief Hannah McElhinney won Gold at the Australian Directors Guild Awards for 'Best Direction in a Mobile-First Online Series Episode' for Snack Drawer Original Series TransAthletica.

We couldn't be more proud of Hannah and the project itself. TransAthletica was the first documentary produced specifically for TikTok distribution, with innovation to video production and editing working hand in hand with storytelling. The series was a profound hit generating over 2.6M Views TikTok and an estimated media reach of 2.8M.

TransAthletica was made with support from TikTok and Screen Australia, and huge congratulations to the team that made it happen: Rudy Jean Rigg, Amina Soubjaki, Carly Paterson, Jamie Searle, Kieren Barber Wilson and Walter Mather.


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