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We partnered with Dr. Martens for World AIDs Day 2022

Our original creator brand Rainbow History Class is working with Dr. Martens to create a series of video and blog content around World AIDS Day as a part of the brand’s active allyship of the LGBTQI+ community.

World AIDS Day is held on 1 December each year. It raises awareness across the world about the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS and the stigma surrounding it.

The partnership between Snack Drawer and Dr. Martens uncovers underrepresented stories and platforms them via Rainbow History Class’s social channels (@rainbowhistoryclass). A series of three videos will be released at the start of December giving an opportunity to share the history of HIV/AIDS, that will educate audiences and honour the LGBTQ+ found families who were instrumental in fostering community within a time of crisis. The videos will be hosted by Rudy Jean Rigg (@rudyjeanrigg 29K TikTok followers). Benjy Lookbook (@benjy_lookbook 202K TikTok followers) and Jethro Patalinghug (@virginia_please 42K TikTok followers).

Snack Drawer Chief Creative Officer and Rainbow History Class Co-Creator, Hannah McElhinney said: “While the focus on AIDS awareness and education is not as widely recognised as in days gone by, it’s just as important as ever. Our partnership with Dr. Martens for World AIDS Day provides a unique opportunity to shine a light on some really vital and often underrepresented stories with TikTok being the perfect platform for us to challenge bias through historical storytelling and education.”

Dr. Martens global social content lead, Laura Douglas said: “​​Telling the stories of underrepresented communities and providing education is a key part of our brand mission at Dr. Martens, and with the help of Rainbow History Class we can do this in authentic, engaging and meaningful ways. TikTok is the ideal platform to speak to our audience and beyond, they have a desire to learn and create positive change, within the app and community. "


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