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A 17-part TikTok documentary series tackling the unique challenges faced by transgender people in sport.

Sport is the new frontier of trans rights. 2022 has given trans athletes more visibility than ever, as sporting codes and age-old institutions are forced to grapple with notions of gender and equality. And for many trans athletes, this conversation is a brutal match being played out on a very public field.


TransAthletica is a TikTok sport documentary series that tackles these issues from a trans perspective. Trans, autistic TikTok creator and former Badminton champion Rudy Rigg, is going to hit the road and talk to trans athletes from grassroots community clubs all the way up to the pro-leagues, to get to the bottom of why trans athletes are so often left on the bench.

Navigating complex and nuanced subject matter, in 1 minute episodes, platform-driven innovation including seamlessly looping episodes and a custom 9:16 set, TransAthletica is the first documentary produced specifically for TikTok.

Australian Directors’ Guild Awards
Best Direction in a Mobile-First Online Series Episode

Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) Awards
Influence for Good Campaign Finalist



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