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Heartbreak Hig
Heartbreak High Launch
Influencer Campaign


Giving good sugars to Netflix, for the launch of Heartbreak High, Snack Drawer set out to drive awareness of Heartbreak High through collaborations with creators that shape culture and conversation through content.

We focused on moving from coverage to conversation, thinking differently about how we publicise the title and cast online.


Creators included AJ Clementine, Nick + Carrie, Samantha Andrew, AshMagic, and Xanthia Efthymiou. Creators made content that included interviews with the cast, premiere footage, reviews and creative content based around the show. 

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Content pieces




Combined Followers 

Combined Followers 


Engagement Rate

Feeling It (Season 1 & 2) Web Series for Smiling Mind’s Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat

Smiling Mind


Tasked by the Victorian Government, Smiling Mind needed to reach VCE and VCAL students with content and tools that would enhance their mental health well-being during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In a time of bad sugars, we delivered good sugars with mentors including Kira Piru, Olympic Swimmer Mack Horton, and Author Marlee Silva and Jasminetxo. 


Using our insights into the values most important to Gen Z, we created a series for TikTok that examines and discusses some of the most onerous aspects of being a teenager. If coming of age isn't hard enough, imagine trying to do it during a pandemic. Feeling It was incredibly successful at integrating into TikTok's natural style in its content and distribution approach.


Due to the success of the first campaign we were asked to create Feeling It 2, a multi platform interactive web-series in October 2021. In Series 2, Jasminetxo returned to host the series, alongside Samantha Andrew, Melbourne Demons player Angus Brayshaw and current students. 


The campaign was distributed with a paid ads strategy to ensure targeting to a youth audience.


Impressions among year 11 and 12 students in Victoria


Views across
TikTok and Snapchat

TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Meta Paid
& Website

Feeling It
‘Feel The Flip’
Influencer Marketing Campaign


We were recruited to find the best flipping creators on TikTok to spread the #FeelTheFlip message and feature in Koala’s one day TikTok takeover ad.

With a lot of good sugars, Koala launched their first ever TikTok campaign #FeelTheFlip, featuring top creators on the platform including Dylan Pawson, Aimee Massie, Nathan Lyons (Kooking with a Koori) and Olympic Gold Medalist Logan Martin.


The creators each executed a perfect flip, channelling the satisfaction experienced in Koala’s double-sided comfort layer Flippable Kloudcell Comfort. The campaign launched Koala’s brand into the TikTok space with many good sugars, relevancy and an unforgettable brand moment. 


TikTok Creators Signed


Total Views on the #FeelTheFlip


Combined Followers on TikTok

Combined Followers on TikTok


Return on Media Investment


Remedy Drinks

Remedy Drinks ‘Booch Up’ TikTok Hashtag Challenge Campaign

Remedy asked Snack Drawer to help them reach new health aware Gen Z audiences with their Kombucha brand in Australia and other key global markets such as New Zealand and Canada. 

The Booch Up challenge was propelled by the use of TikTok influencers Avneesha, Gnomeboys, Shookran and Taz and Alessia who brought popularity to the challenge, prompting audiences to participate in the challenge by buying the brand and generating strong brand awareness amongst the target audience. There were over 60 UGC videos created participating in the challenge from audience members.


With good sugars, a combination of organic influencer activity and paid media to drive traffic, we reached well over the expected number of consumers and exceeded the KPIs by over 200%. 


TikTok Creators 


Engagement Rate



Campaign Views


 TikTok Follower Growth


NBCUniversal International Networks Australia

E! Online Social Media Management (TikTok, Instagram Reels and TikTok Live)

NBCUniversal Australia saw an opportunity to connect with a younger audience by launching and building a presence on TikTok for their home of celebrities news, reality television, pop culture and the Kardashians, E! Online Australia and New Zealand.

Being tapped into the culture, our content coverage was reactive to trends and spoke to a global and local audience. Using E!’s vast archive to give nostalgic celebrity content a new life, local creator collaborations, livestreams and event coverage as well as finding innovative ways to launch new E! Programming. As a result, these TikToks have reached viral infamy and collectively have  been viewed over 97M times, and have been shared by the likes of Drew Barrymore and Zooey Deschanel. 


Most importantly, we helped NBCU launch the E! Tiktok from scratch and grow the account organically to 200,000 followers.


Local creators we have worked with on an ongoing local creator integration for E! include Francesca Hung, Christian Wilkins, Tammy Christina and CocoDevile. 


Average Organic Views per month


Average Organic Views per TikTok


Average Organic Engagement Rate

Circles Data


'My Data Did It'

Circles.Life came to Snack Drawer to showcase their mobile data offering to a Gen Z audience.

Circles.Live gives you the data to have the entire internet at your fingertips. But can we be trusted with it? The data demon was born, a creative character that’s to blame for excess internet presence.


The campaign featured TikTok creators Coco Devile, Avneesha, Will Gibb and Emma Cooper. The campaign was distributed through creator owned channels as well as the brand page organically, with creator owned pages driving a significant uptick in following for the brand page. 


Just like halloween, only good sugars were given to our client with the help of a data demon. 


TikTok Views


Engagement Rate


TikToks Created


Combined Followers

Combined Followers 

Change of Preference Social Advertising Creative

Swinburne University Of Technology

Swinburne University wanted to target students to let them know about the work integrated learning opportunities available at Swinburne, and encourage recent high school graduates to change to Swinburne during the Change of Preference period. 

The Change of Preference period is all about exploring alternate pathways, so we tapped into the viral TikTok ‘Choose Your Character’ trend and gave it deeper meaning within the context of a University.  The concept was created specifically for the platforms - Twitch and TikTok. To make the content feel native to both, we shot simultaneously horizontally on camera and vertical on a phone.

Swinburne | Change


Wanderlust Australia’s Influencer Marketing Agency

Wanderlust tasked Snack Drawer Snack Drawer to build a creative platform for always on influencer engagement and to develop a cutting edge influencer marketing solution for their brand.

Designed to build brand awareness, brand trust and drive sales of Wanderlust’s products, Snack Drawer created and nurtured relationships of an always-on community of creators who share Wanderlust’s brand values and ethos.


Since we launched the Karma Community we have worked with creators including Angie Kent,

Dani Stevens, Sjana Elise, DJ Tigerlily and Ashley Freeman-Rudd. Integrating a tiered influencer strategy to drive the marketing funnel, creators were selected from a micro to macro influence level.



Average Reach Monthly


Influencers in the Karma Community


Return on Media Investment

Normal Social Media Management (TikTok & Instagram Reels)


We started working with Aussie health technology startup Eucalyptus on their brand Normal, a sexual wellness brand who create well-designed toys, lube and pleasure education. 

We created edutainment content with a diverse lineup of hosts and crafting shoots integrating products, ensuring the audience was educated positively about sex.


We launched their official TikTok and grew it to over 130K followers within a year, educating a community on topics like consent, how to have tricky conversations and why different bodies act in certain ways.


The Snack Drawer model provided good sugars to the brand and audience with content which was made inhouse with a streamlined production model to grow the brand channel organically and rapidly, and drive conversion through TikTok affiliate codes 


Average Organic Views per month




Average Organic Engagement Rate


Australian Associated Press (AAP)

AAP FactCheck

During Global Media and Information Literacy Week, our original creator brand Rainbow History Class was approached by the Australian Associated Press (AAP) to create a series of informative videos on avoiding misinformation and improving media literacy among their audience. 

The partnership also included training for our brand to participate in AAP FactCheck as a part this Australian first TikTok pilot project. The creators selected as a part of this project, produced three videos each in their own distinct style, dealing with their choice of messaging about the misinformation problem and basic fact-checking.


The alignment of our brand to the Australian Associated Press (AAP) was a strong reflection of our research based channel.



Organic Views


TikTok Videos

Cygnett Ring Light Launch 


Cygnett came to Snack Drawer to reach content creators on TikTok and Snapchat around their new range of Ring Lights. 

Looking at the product, the ring lights targeted both a maker and a WFH potential audience. With videos showcasing how to use your ring light for the ultimate zoom glow up, home-recording set-ups and showcasing the quality of the product.

The campaign partnered with Jasminetxo, Rory Eliza and Brooke Styles to create engaging and entertaining content which was distributed via an organic and paid strategy.


We reached well over the expected number of consumers and exceeded the KPIs. 





Link Clicks




Carlton United Breweries

Carlton United Breweries were looking for a buyer for cider brand ‘Strongbow’. Unfortunately, despite strong awareness in the Strongbow name, interest in cider was at an all time low – especially among younger people.

CUB came to us to develop a new product and brand under the Strongbow name to reinvigorate the brand. 


Using consumer and cultural insights, we developed a new low-calorie drink brand that targeted a 25-year old drinker. Strongbow ‘Blossom Punch’ carried the Strongbow logo, but none of the dated cider baggage. It was fresh, young, better for you and bursting with summer fun.

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 3.55.07 pm.png
Endometriosis Awareness Month (7).gif

Endometriosis Australia

We were tasked with helping Endometriosis Australia during Endometriosis Awareness Month, to drive awareness of fundraising activities, research and to drive ticket downloads of the Endometriosis Australia Symposium

We created a content schedule that was focused on video production using infeed video formats on Facebook and Instagram Reels, and showcased experts and Endo Warriors to talk about the disease in an educational but relatable way to connect with the audience. 


The campaign activity was short but sweet, with a month of activity delivering strong brand cut through to share the campaign message. 




Organic Reach 


 Follower Growth 

Dr. Martens

Pride Generations

Dr. Martens set out to create a Pride campaign which was authentic to the community and their history, briefing Snack Drawer to create LGBTQ+ content with our original creator brand Rainbow History Class.

With an overarching theme of Pride Generations, building connections between the past and the present by bringing together different generations from the LGBTQ+ community to share their experiences, we helped Dr. Martens’ audience learn and celebrate in Pride 22 by creating a series of videos working with the Rainbow History Class team to explore the Queer History of Dr. Martens.


Video, illustration and blog content included how LGBTQ protests of the 1970s made Dr. Martens a lesbian fashion symbol and the Queercore Punk Scene in the 1980’s. The six part series contributed to a hugely successful Pride Month activation, in partnering with Snack Drawer and Rainbow History Class, Dr. Marten’s was able to highlight its genuine connection to queer and trans history as well as continue its work supporting and being active allies of our community. 


Dr martens is the only big brand I actually believe that genuinely cares about the LGBTQ+ community”  - Post comments (8).gif


Organic Views


TikTok Videos

Endometriosis Australia
Dr Martens
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