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Cygnett appoints Snack Drawer to reach Gen Z audiences

Cygnett Ring Lights
Creators @brookestyless @jasminetxo @roryeliza for Cygnett

Cygnett has appointed newly launched Youth Entertainment studio Snack Drawer to reach Gen Z audiences on TikTok and Snapchat. With their new range of Ring Lights "Essentials for the Home Creator" Cygnett has identified a new demand from consumers to look their best on video calls and on social media, inspired by their favourite beauty vloggers and creators.   The campaign features 3 of the most popular Australian TikTok creators totalling over 8m followers including Brooke Styles, Jasminetxo and Rory Eliza. Cygnett products are sold in over 200,000 retail outlets through 42 countries. The range includes over 400 digital accessory products, including cables, chargers, cases and a full range of Power Banks. Founded in 2003 in Melbourne, the business has a team of passionate design and quality-driven experts who strive to ensure every Cygnett product is beautifully crafted, packaged and delivered to customers. Snack Drawer is a new creative studio founded by Jamie Searle (Former Head Thinker at Thinkerbell) and Hannah McElhinney (Former Senior Creative at VICE), specialising in youth-focussed entertainment. Snack Drawer helps brands earn the right to exist in the world of Generation Z, by rallying for their causes, amplifying their voices and designing content for their screens. Their clients include Smiling Mind and Mushroom Group.

Angel Moreno, Social Media Manager at Cygnett ~ With the rise of TikTok this year in Australia and changes to our daily ways of working, we've seen an increasing need in the market both the next generation of aspiring creators and for consumers to look their best on zoom calls. Which has lead us to move into this exciting new category "Essentials for the home creator" with a new range of ring lights for all levels. We're excited to work with Snack Drawer on helping us unlock new audiences on TikTok and Snapchat. 

Hannah McElhinney, Chief Creative Officer and Snack Drawer ~ Ring lights are essential for creating content (and looking cute on your Zooms), so it was such a great experience to work with TikTok creators, who know the benefits of this product better than anyone, to show off the Cygnett range in a super visual, native and entertaining way. 

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