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Case Study – Snack Drawer and Smiling Mind

One of our most successful mid-pandemic productions this 2020 was the 6-Part Series we created in collaboration with Smiling Mind called, Feeling it.

Tasked by the Victorian Government, Smiling Mind had to reach 50 000 VCE and VCAL students with content and tools to support their mental health during their last year of highschool.

This is where Snack Drawer came in.

We took big concepts like self-compassion, values and mindfulness and turned them into content that was entertaining, accessible, fun, real and most importantly, met young people where they are.

The results:

- We delivered 2.5 million impressions to Year 11 and 12 students in Victoria.

- Feeling It has been viewed 171 000 times (and counting).

A huge thanks to the team at Smiling Mind and the Victorian Government for the opportunity to help young people with their mental health, during what was one of their toughest years yet.

For more insight into this production and the results, check out the video below:


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